[WAYW] Civil War Week: Iron Man – Her Universe/Kohl’s



Okay so because I’m me, I wasn’t content with just picking up those three pieces from the Her Universe Marvel work out collection.  I promptly turned around and bought the Black Widow sports bra (which is AMAZING) and an Iron Man top and leggings.

I can safely say that the Iron Man leggings are my favorite of the entire collection.  You know your clothes are on point when the woman in the elevator makes it a point to tell you that your gym outfit looks so good that it’s worth wearing even if you don’t go to the gym.  (True story, by the way.)  They used a lot of different fabrics for these and between that and the cut, it all just works.




The top is something I had a strong suspicion wasn’t going to be terribly useful for me on the workout front.  It has a sports bra built in but it doesn’t do a great job of keeping things in place.  This is something that I can wear for a cycle class or pilates but it’s definitely not going to work for anything high impact.  The drapey back was just too cute though and I couldn’t resist getting it!  I suspect that it’ll be a ‘lounge around’ shirt for me.

For sizing reference, I’m wearing a medium in the leggings and a small in the top.




So how about it ladies?  Have you picked up any pieces from the collection?  Have you gone back for more?  Are you preemptively sobbing because oh my god Civil War comes out this week?

We’re here to style salute the stars&stripes just one more time with our Captain America: Civil War Week so join us in this fun fashion punch-up while we, as the saying goes, are up all night to get Bucky.