[COS] The Loyal Padawan – Barriss Offee -Star Wars


There are very few Jedi that I love more than Barriss Offee.  In fact, I love her so much that she was my very first costume back when I was 15 and didn’t even really know what cosplay was.  In the decade that’s passed, I’ve wanted to remake the costume to make it more accurate and, well, better.  When my friend Erin mentioned that she liked Luminara Unduli’s costume, I might have pounced and gone ‘YES YOU SHOULD DO IT AND THEN I CAN BE YOUR PADAWAN!’

Somehow, the stars all aligned and we were able to be the best Mirialan master/padawan duo this side of Coruscant at MAGFest 2016.  The reactions we got from the people who recognized us were the best because I don’t think anyone expected to see those costumes wondering around.


Barriss Offee: Bria
Luminara Unduli: The Whale Baby

Photography is by the ever amazing Jeremy!

(Shhhh not a single word about the Season 5 finale of The Clone Wars.  That didn’t happen and she is totally still my precious Jedi Healer.)