[WAYW] My Shield Doesn’t Fit in My Gym Bag – Captain America – Her Universe/Kohl’s


For years now, I’ve been quietly hoping to start seeing more well-thought out and fashionable geek themed workout clothes in the market.  Her Universe has finally stepped up to answer those dreams with an amazing Avengers themed collaboration line being sold with Kohl’s.  We first featured some of the line several weeks ago but finally had a chance to get our hands on some of the pieces.  (The line also features Iron Man but those items haven’t made their way into stores yet.)


Active wear’s a different creature than normal fashion though and so a straight What Are You Wearing? post just didn’t feel quite right here.  So I decided to put all three of the Captain America pieces to the test… and also take pictures for this site because heeeeeello have you met me?  I picked up the Captain America leggings, matching sports bra, the ‘My Shield doesn’t fit in my Gym Bag’ muscle tee, and the Black Widow leggings.  (I should note that there is more than one design for the leggings/sports bra for each character.  These were just my favorites.)  The Black Widow leggings made it through a successful cycle class and are made of similar material to and have the same cut as the Cap ones.  We’re going to focus on the Cap gear since, well, I bought more of it and it makes for a complete outfit. ;)  Throughout the week, I wore it for a 2 mile run and then to my Zumba class since they’re both high impact and I’m more specific about what I’ll wear to both.

Everyone’s needs for work out clothes are going to differ.  For me, the biggest flaw in the leggings is the lack of waistband pocked for keys.  As someone who runs outside, that sort of mini-pocket is a lifesaver so I don’t have to hold on to my apartment keys while trying to focus on my run.  It’s a relatively minor issue but could really help elevate the product.  The pants material is a polyester/spandex mix and is slippery enough for good leg movement but not thin enough to allow for awkward visibly underwear lines.  Lengthwise, they’re a bit on the longer end for capri pants.  I’m just shy of 5’7″ so these may be full length pants for shorter girls.

The sports bra handled far better than I expected.  In the dressing room, it did decently with the jump test so I figured I’d give it a try.  While running on the treadmill, I thought that it looked like the *ahem* girls were moving more than I usually prefer but they didn’t hurt like they tend to do in “looser” fitting sports bra.  That said, it still definitely ranks below my Under Armour sports bra which is the gold standard for me.  Bustier women may want to try these on before committing.


Most importantly, everything is incredibly comfortable.  Both my mother and I tried the leggings on in store and didn’t want to take them off.  These would be great for just lounging around in.

Overall?  This foray into active wear by Her Universe gets an A from me.  I’ll almost definitely be returning to the store to pick up more especially once they get the Iron Man ones.  Fingers crossed that next on her list is Star Wars gear…

PS: If you use the code ‘heruniverse’, it’ll take $10 off your $30 purchase.