[COS] “Look up to the far distant point ahead” — Toudou Jinpachi / Yowamushi Pedal



“Let’s swap the meme team,” they said.

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

(And it really, really was.)

Shoujo glitter shoutout to Chiha for being the ace assist who gathered us all to take the team to the finish line, and to Bryan for corralling us long enough to take some photos.

(Shinkai bike died on the way. It’s canon enough.)

Fukutomi Juichi: Mimi
Arakita Yasutomo: Chiha
Toudou Jinpachi: Lin (me)
Shinkai Hayato: Sierra
Izumida Touichirou: Kat
Manami Sangaku: Ciry

Photos by: Bryan Lee Cruz Photography