[WAYW] Join the Empire! – Star Wars


If you’re like me, you grew up being a firm Rebel.  It was all about the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi and the X-Wing pilots.  APPARENTLY THOUGH, you should probably not wear an X-Wing hoodie to help volunteer with the 501st as you slide towards the dark side because them all of your friends will give you crap.  And so I was inspired to make a dress that I could not only wear to work but that could double as Imperial chic especially for when I work the table or other events with my future garrison.

I made the dress back in the fall and wore it to the TFA premiere and all the pieces fell into place for me to wear it to Katsucon to work the 501st table the first day of the con!  Thank you so much to the ever wonderful Rich and Strange Photography for taking this shot during one of my breaks wandering the convention.