[COS] I am not a committee! – Star Wars / Princess Leia

cos_bria_2016_esb leia_01

Nothing’s quite like walking around a convention dressed like Princess Leia Organa.  Especially when you spend the entirety of that day at Katsucon telling every Kylo Ren that you see that they are grounded for at least the next twenty years if not longer.

I originally made this costume for Dragon Con last year and was really happy to use Katsu as an opportunity to make the costume better.  Getting to be Leia just makes me ridiculously happy and I can only hope that I do her justice.

Princess Leia Organa: Bria
Photography by the ever fantastic Rich and Strange Photography!

cos_bria_2016_esb leia_02

cos_bria_2016_esb leia_03