[DIY] Rey’s Hairstyle (Variation) – Star Wars


Rey was one of the best parts of The Force Awakens and her three knob hairstyle has become instantly iconic.  Me being me, I a) regretted somewhat recently cutting most of my hair off and b) immediately tried to see if I could get her hairstyle to work.  What I figured out isn’t an exact replica but it is easier to do than the actual style and it actually holds up really well in the gym.  I can honestly say that I’ve worn this style at least five times to the gym and it’s lasted through an hour of cardio.  And hey! Why shouldn’t we get to be geeky while working out?  Another benefit is that I’ve found that this hairstyle will hold up decently well regardless of whether you style your hair while it’s wet or dry.

All you need for this style are four things: 3 hair ties and a clip.


hair_rey_02Step 1: Brush your hair out and start to gather the top part like you’re doing a half ponytail.  Gather less than you usually would so there’s about an inch of hair above your ears that you’re not gathering.


hair_rey_03Step 2: Pull the gathered hair through the ponytail holder twice.  On the third pull, only pull it through a tiny bit– just enough to form a small loop that’ll be about an inch wide.  Leave it like this.



Step 3: Pull hair from the sides and back again.  We’re repeating exactly what we did above.  Try to make these top two knobs smaller than you think they need to be so you’ll have more hair left for the bottom.  It’s up to you how much of the hair left from the first knob you want to put into the second one.  Any that you don’t use will just go under and can be used in the final one.


hair_rey_05Step 4: Make the second knob by pulling the hair through the elastic twice and leaving a loop the third time.  Again, this will be exactly what you did for the first loop.


hair_rey_07Step 5: Now you’ll want to gather any hair that you have left.  If you can, try to pull from the sides and the bottom and go over the hair that was a part of the top two knobs so that it won’t stick out.


hair_rey_08Step 6: Pull the hair through the elastic twice.  Now you’re going to make the third knob but this should be more of a longer loop that hangs down.  Pull your hair through as much as you can without any layers sticking out.


hair_rey_09Step 7: You’ll be left with some ends.  Tuck what you can under the hair between the middle and bottom knobs and clip it place if you’re working out.  You can also take the hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it and then bobby pin that hair in place.  I don’t recommend this for working out as the bobby pins went flying when I tried.


And that’s it!  You now have awesome Rey hair and can take on the First Order!  Don’t worry if this takes a little bit of trial and error.  I almost always have to redo at least one of the knobs when I’m putting my hair up but it’s a fairly fast, easy, and cute way to style your hair!  Plus, because the first knob starts relatively high up, you won’t have to worry about quite as many fly-aways in your face.  Experiment with this style and see what works for you!


As always, you can check out our previous hair tutorials and be sure to tweet us pictures if you try this one out!