[INSPO] A Definitive Ranking of all of Padmé Amidala’s Outfits

It’s no secret that I love the Prequels, Padmé Amidala, and oh so much of her gorgeous wardrobe.  Therefore, it was inevitable that I would decided to torture myself by making myself rank all 36 outfits she wears.  It took the better part of an evening and I was still second guessing myself days later.  The rules were these: I had to rank everything that Natalie Portman wore in the Prequel Trilogy films.  So that meant that none of her animated looks were included and that I didn’t include Amidala dresses worn by Sabé or Cordé.  You can see larger versions of all of these dresses over at the ever awesome Padawan’s Guide.

We’ll start from the bottom.  (Come on, you didn’t really think we’d give you #1 up front, did you?)

Coming in at #36 is the Hospital Gown that Padmé dies in.  It’s a white robe.  Only moderately more stylish are her Coruscant Nightgown from Attack of the Clones (#35), her Aqua Georgette Nightgown like look (#34), and the Dressing Gown (#33) she wears when Obi-Wan tells her that Anakin killed  younglings, both from Revenge of the Sith.  Honestly, I had no idea how many nightgowns this woman wore until I started this ranking.  They are the only thing that save the Tatooine Chic Poncho (#32) and Peasant Disguise (#31) from being on the bottom.  They’re both perfectly serviceable looks but… this is Padmé we’re talking about.


The only nightgown to escape the lowest tier is the one she wears on Naboo when Anakin has his nightmares in Episode II (#30).  The outer dressing robe part of it is just too pretty.  The Gold Travel Dress (#29) that she wears to travel incognito in Attack of the Clones is pretty and clearly Russian inspired but reeeeeally doesn’t look like something a refugee would be wearing.  The Parade Gown (#28) and the Black Coruscant Look (#27) are the lowest ranked Phantom Menace Queen looks.   While the Parade Gown clearly involved a lot of work, I’m not a huge fan of it and the Black one is kinda boring in comparison.  One that went surprisingly high on the list is the Navy Linen Dress with a Black Shawl from Revenge of the Sith (#26).  At first glance, it’s not very fancy but the belt and the details really elevate it enough so it almost squeaked out the Peacock Dress (#25) from the same film.  Interestingly enough, the Peacock gown was used in most of the marketing but didn’t make the final cut.  There’s a ton of intricacy here and the fabric choices are gorgeous.  It’s the hairstyle that brings it down.

Starting off the next set is the Purple Travel Gown (#24) from The Phantom Menace.  It’s subdued but classic and is the only Queen dress that gets worn twice.  #23 is the Velvet Cloak from Revenge of the Sith.  I’ll admit: it gets a huge bump for the styling.  Another deleted scene costume is the Family Dress (#22) Attack of the Clones.  Is this what I’d choose to wear around my family and a teenage Jedi who has the hots for me?  Nah but it is gorgeously cut especially when you look at the back.  The Pearl Nightgown from Revenge of the Sith (#21) is another with a gorgeous back.  Pearls make zero sense to sleep in but it’s so pretty! The Grey Kimono-like Coruscant Dress (#20) is one that grows on me more every time I see it.  The embroidery on the sleeves… the rose underdress… the headdress!  #19 is the Burgundy Velvet dress from Revenge of the Sith.  This is another dress where the details aren’t as immediately obvious such as all the intricate designs on the velvet.  Combine it with the pretty hairstyle that looks deceptively simple? Total win.


I have to say: this was probably the hardest row to do and I spent a heck of a lot of time agonizing over the order.  Amidala’s Elizabethan Senate Dress (#18) didn’t actually made it into the final cut of Attack of the Clones but is awesome nonetheless.  It’s pretty yet imposing.  Speaking of pretty, her Wedding Dress is #17.  It’s literally one of a kind (the lace is from a 100 year old bedspread) and is gorgeous in its simplicity.  Perhaps one of the more well known dresses, the Picnic Dress (#16) has some drop dead gorgeous work on the bodice.  The Brown Tunic (#15) that she wears on Mustafar might not seem the most intuitive choice for so high up the list but there’s just something about how it looks and how it moves that I adore.  Her White Jumpsuit (#14) has no logical reason to be in her wardrobe but it was and it’s become pretty iconic.  I think that what really makes it is the cloak/shawl part.  Wrapping up this second group is a dress which you barely get to see: the Funeral Gown (#13) or, as some call it, the Water Gown.  It’s gorgeous and I would have loved to see how it looked while moving.

Surprisingly, Padmé’s Pilot Look made the Top 12!  There’s something that’s just very sleek yet chic about it; especially the belt! Amidala definitely took her Senate speeches seriously because the Red Senate Gown (#11) is equally imposing.  If someone can wear something that heavy yet gorgeous while making an incredibly important speech, I’d be terrified of them.  Her Blue Tatooine Dress (#10) from Attack of the Clones is the exact opposite.  It has a fairly simple yet beautiful cut and I wish we had gotten to see it with the hood up.  And then, of course, we have the va-va-vroom that is the Black Corset Dress (#9) from Attack of the Clones.  It is sexy as hell and daaaaaaymn.  The Green Velvet Dress (#8) from Revenge of the Sith flips things around yet again.  It’s another simple look that’s cut to hide her pregnancy but something about it just really connects with me.  It’s a goddamn shame that the dress was ruined by wet paint on the set. :(  And finally… is there anything more truly iconic for Amidala than the Red Invasion Gown (#7)?  It’s perfectly designed and holy hell the lanterns light up!


It’s the final count down!  The Flame Handmaiden Gown makes the Top 6!  The ombre of the fabric is incredible and the design so perfectly encompasses how the Handmaidens look in comparison to the Queen: more vertical looks with hoods that complement the Queen’s while also blending into the background.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the details on the sleeves, you definitely should take a look.  What really makes the Purple Senate Gown from Revenge of the Sith (#5) is the beautiful headpiece.  The dress itself is pretty, especially the neckline, but the headpieces looks almost crown-like and wing-like at the same time.  Attack of the Clones makes a strong showing with the Grey Packing Dress (#4) and the Purple Senate Dress (#3).  There’s an elegant ease to the packing dress that makes it appealing as does the detail work on the front beaded piece and the silver arm bands.  The hairstyle is perhaps the most subtle of the cinnamon bun references and the delicate headdress is beautiful.  The Senate Dress sets the tone for how Senator Amidala dresses as opposed to Queen Amidala.  It’s beautiful yet authoritative but doesn’t look nearly as stiff or regal as her previous Senate dress.  This is a new Padmé.  The close runner up is the Battlemaiden (#2) look from The Phantom Menace.  This is another look that is perfectly designed.  It fits the handmaiden aesthetic but still allows them to have full range of motion in combat without having to resort to combat jumpsuits.

And now.  The moment you’ve all been waiting for… the Lake Gown from Attack of the Clones is #1!  My God.  Is there anything prettier than this?  The dress practically floats through the air.  It’s beautiful, it’s breathtaking, it’s incredible.  Trisha Briggar deserved an Oscar for this dress alone.

Whew!  And that’s all 36!