Star Wars: The Force Awakens Week


Welcome to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Week.

You may have noticed that… we’re Star Wars fans around here.  It’s the basis of our friendship.  And while Lin may have drifted away from the galaxy far far away over the last few years, she’s tripped back into an X-Wing and is getting board with this space thing again.  You may also be aware that there is a little film called The Force Awakens coming out this weekend.  Obviously we’re going to celebrate the only way we know how: by throwing it a fashion party.

So jump on board the Millenium Falcon because Chewie, we’re home.


MONDAY [WAYW] Guardians of the Peace
TUESDAY [INSPO] Fashion Finds: Poe Dameron
WEDNESDAY [WAYW] Welcome to the First Order
THURSDAY [INSPO] Your Colour Story: Rey
FRIDAY [WAYW] Kylo Ren / The Dark Side