[COS] Avenging By Moonlight – Sailor Hawkeye Round 2

sailorhawkeye2 harbeck

For those who’ve been following the blog for a while, you remember how this Sailor Hawkeye game went the first time around.  My friend Abby had done her own version of Sailor Black Widow and asked me reprise Sailor Hawkeye for her Sailor Avengers team.  Since this team was veering a little more away from the traditional Sailor Moon fuku, I decided to have a little fun with it and make Version II to make hers.

sailorhawkeye1 harbeck

The really cool part was that I was able to reuse parts of not only Hawkeye Version I but also a piece of my Sailor Pluto and even some bits of my Star Wars costumes.  The skirt was the one big new part of the costume but thankfully I am a fabric hoarder and still had enough of the purple bow fabric to use for the skirt roll.

sailorhawkeye4 harbeck

Thank you to David Harback for the photography on the majority of these and to Rich and Strange for the photography on the captioned one!  They were both wonderful to work with when we did this shoot at Awesome Con!  (The con thing is also why there’s an invisible arrow thing going on…)

Sailor Hawkeye: Bria
Sailor Black Widow: Abby Rou Cosplay

sailorhawkeye7 harbeck

sailorhawkeye6 harbeck

sailorhawkeye8 richandstrange

Picture by Rich and Strange Photography