[COS] A Little Ordinary Sounds $%#*@&$ Great – Spider-Woman


How much do I love Kris Anka’s new Spider-Woman design?  So. Freaking. Much.  I’ve been a fan of Jessica Drew since I first really got to know her in the New Avengers comics.  Her old costume was well known and all but there’s something about the street level versatility of this jacket and glasses that just calls to me, y’know?  Needless to say, it went on the ‘must cosplay’ list immediately.

Oh and also?  If you’re not reading this book, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Go pick it up already.


Thank you to Justin for doing a shoot with me at Awesome Con this year!

Spider-Woman: Bria
Photography: Rich and Strange Photography

Expect to see some upgrades to this costume in the future including some appropriately colored boots.  (No glove changes though.  I like being able to use my phone.)