Happy 5th Birthday Her Universe!

It’s no secret that we adore Her Universe around here and therefore it’s only fitting that we take a moment today to celebrate their 5th Anniversary!  This is a company that has done a TON for the geek ladies out there in such a short time and I am forever grateful that Ashley Eckstein took the initiative to start the company five years ago.  My first piece was the red Padmé Nouveau t-shirt which I purchased at Dragon*Con 2010 and since then, I haven’t looked back.  It’s amazing to me that not only can we geek girls now buy cute shirts to express our fandom but that we can also buy awesome things like cardigans, lightsaber skirts, and freaking X-Wing pilot dresses.

To celebrate the event, Her Universe is partying in style.  300 orders placed today will randomly receive a gift certificate valued between $5 and $500.  The Star Wars Burnout Tee, ESB Poster Tee, and the Manga Hoodie are all being rereleased.  Finally, there will be a livestream event running from about 10am to 5pm PST.

Below is just a selection of the many many many Her Universe products we’ve featured over the years.  (And by selection, I mean the ones I happened to have pictures of on my phone.)  Check out our Her Universe tag and see all of their cool pieces we’ve featured on the blog over the last three years.  Do you have a favorite Her Universe piece?  Sound off in the comments and tell us!

Her Universe Selection