[WAYW] That Was A Very Useful Tray – Star Wars Rebels


Star Wars Rebels is back on Saturday!  Or at least it’ll be sort of back with the premiere of the double episode ‘Siege of Lothal’.  I saw it at Celebration in April and HOLY HELL IS IT GOOD.  (For a good time, check out my twitter on Saturday night because it will be 90% flailing.)

Given the event, it seemed only natural that my outfit today honored this proud forthcoming occasion.  And just like the show, it’s all about Captain Hera Syndulla.

That Was A Very Useful Tray: House Organa Shop
Patterned Pants: Zara
Shades: kate spade
Earrings: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Necklace: FoxyFunk

Thank you to my friend Maggie for being a good sport and taking these pictures for me so I didn’t have to self timer like usual.