[COS] Honor To Us All – Jedi Mulan


I’m hardly the first person to want to do a Disney/Star Wars mashup costume but there was something that just felt right about making Mulan into a Jedi Knight.  Being Jedi Mulan all day at Star Wars Celebration was a fantastic feeling.  A ton of little girls came up and wanted to get a picture with me.

I’m super grateful to Saf for doing an impromptu photoshoot with me.  It was literally at the end of the convention, we were all super tired, and yet she was still willing to shoot with me.


Jedi Mulan: Bria
Photography: Saf

What was almost as fun as wearing the costume was designing it.  Several pages of my sketchbook are filled with different designs that pulled more from the Disney side or the Jedi side but I’m really happy with how the final product looked.  There’s nothing I would’ve changed.  Well except for maybe having an actual Mushu.

cos_bria_2015_jedimulan_01 Mushu isn't a Jedi; just a sidekick