[NEWS] Star Wars, Her Universe, Fashion, and Celebration

Geek fashion is in its prime now and nowhere was it more apparent then at Celebration last weekend.  The Her Universe booth was mobbed every day of the con and other retailers who keep their female customers in mind such as WeLoveFine were also consistently busy throughout the weekend.  It was genuinely heartwarming to see how many women were so excited to get their hands on the latest collections from both companies.

Luckily for those unable to make the convention, all the new items are for sale now over on Her Universe’s website with the exception of the convention exclusive ‘Ahsoka Lives’ shirt.  I myself snagged the Imperial and X-Wings cardigans along with the Lightsaber skirt and am really impressed that the quality of these items rose along with the prices.  These cardigans are made from a thicker sweater material and have nicer buttons than the previous cardigan offerings by the company.  (You can expect to see some outfit posts featuring each of these in the coming weeks.)


Bria with Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein

Bria with Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein


I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a small press conference with Ashley Eckstein, the founder of Her Universe and the voice of Ahsoka Tano.  Many of the questions dealt with Ahsoka’s much publicized return to the Star Wars universe in Rebels and it was clear that Ashley was thrilled to be back and to no longer have to keep that secret.  We did, however, get a few minutes to discuss Her Universe.  I asked about the Rebels related products that Her Universe as release so far as the only character to get a spotlight so far is Sabine while we’re still waiting for Hera (for more companies than just Her Universe.)  Ashley was very honest with her answer: it’s coming.  She’d had a ‘Captain of the Ghost’ design in the works but wasn’t happy enough to release it yet.  More Rebels products are coming though as are more designs for younger girls as they are working through some production issues.

Speaking of production, it takes a fairly long time to get a design through the entire process from its inception to reaching the hands of fangirls.  There’s a small team of mostly women that collaborate to create these items and they are constantly listening to ideas from the fans via social media.  It’s important to remember how much Her Universe has accomplished it not even quite five years and they’re still making strides forward.  Expect to see Her Universe products in expanded retail locations this fall and if you can, support the product in these physical stores because, to put it frankly, money talks.

You can also expect to see mostly the same products from Celebration at Star Wars Weekends but there will be more items towards Episode VII.  Her Universe will also be making its way into the Disney Parks soon on a permanent basis and not just in Darth’s Mall. Her Universe is also working on creating one sizing system to use for all of their items regardless of who carries them.  This will hopefully help fangirls when deciding what sizes to purchase in the future.  When discussing sizing, Ashley did mention that the new Bespin and Hoth dresses and the lightsaber skirt are made of a fabric they haven’t worked with before that doesn’t have any stretch.  She acknowledged it as something they likely won’t do in the future.  That said, it’s clear that Her Universe is  listening to their fans as this collection was a definite branch out from many of their previous offerings.

Finally, while I will always adore Her Universe, I want to highlight some of the amazing Star Wars inspired fashion that I saw around the convention although it was hardly limited to this.  There’s little more awesome then getting to see so many people express their love for Star Wars via their own custom designed outfits.  Star Wars and Fashion; what’s not to love?