[WAYW] Space Married? #SpaceMarried



I have a lot of feelings about how perfect Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus are together but they are totally Space Married, okay?

For those who don’t follow us on tumblr (although you probably should), I recently teamed up with a friend because we really wanted to have a bunch of different Star Wars t-shirts in our drawers but didn’t really see the market filling that void so we started designing our own.  One of them is this #SpaceMarried shirt celebrating our new favorite OTP and partnership.  I was so psyched when it got here that I had to pull together a casual outfit with it.  And then share it with all of you.

#SpaceMarried Shirt: House Organa Shop
Denim Skirt: Calvin Klein
Rebels Necklace: FoxyFunk
Boots: BCBG