[COS] Couture is Compulsary – Leia Organa – Shadows of the Empire

That's Princess to you

Let me count the ways in which I love Leia Organa… oh wait I can’t because there are way too many of them.  What I don’t always love so much is her wardrobe especially when it came to the Expanded Universe.  Cover artists tended to just… give her the same outfits from the films and that’s just boring.  When the Essential Reader’s Companion came out in fall 2012, I immediately fell in love with that half body shot of Leia facing off against Xizor.  Within the text, she’s described as wearing galactic couture which just shouted my name.

Oh.  And did I mention that she knees Xizor in the balls while wearing this?  (I kid you not; it’s literally in the Shadows of the Empire text.  I LOVE IT.)

So not amused by Xizor's crap


Thank you to Anna for taking pictures for me and for my friends over at The Convor Matrix for joining me for some pictures in their Sabine and Kanan costumes!

Just a bunch of Rebels

…and because we are a bunch of nerds… this happened.  With Anna’s commentary:

Who needs a plan?