[COS] “Everything’s Changed” — Gotham Academy



You may not have noticed, but we are all about our comic book teens — especially if they go to a school of where the weird is bound to go down. From the minute DC Comics announced this book, we were super excited and immediately added it to our pull lists… and then dragged our friends Erin and Ceratopian into this beautiful mess with us.

(But did you see that cast. That was a cast pitch perfect for us. There may have been the most delighted yelling involved.)

Matching plaids was crazy impossible but we had a lot of fun coordinating amongst ourselves to pull these costumes together, especially when we got to add in each character’s individual spin. We may have been exhausted by the time we got to wear these at Katsucon but we still had fun!





Olive Silverlock: Bria
Kyle Mizoguchi: Lin
Maps Mizoguchi: Ceratopian
Pomeline Fritch: Erin

Thank you to Jeremy for the photography!