[DIY] Mandalorian Helmet Nails


I love painting my nails as much as the next person but I usually just stare when people pull off these crazy complex looking manicures.  When Rebels first premiered in the fall though, I decided to try and paint a basic Mandalorian helmet on my nail and it sort of worked?  The best thing is that it’s fairly simple to pull off even if you’re not at all artistic like me.


Step 1: Pick a base color for your nails.

Step 2: Once it dries, grab a black sharpie and draw a T on your thumb nail.  You can do this on whichever finger you’d like or even all of them.  I just use my thumb since it’s the largest.

Step 3: Pick your helmet color and paint a straight line along the top bar of the T.

Step 4: Continue to outline the T with the helmet color but go out a little further in the corner.  (The final picture at the top shows how this should look a little better.)

Step 5: Paint one last horizontal line along the top of your nail so you can still see a strip of the base color between the two helmet colors

Step 6: Apply a clear top coat.

And that’s it!  It takes a little practice but it gets easier!