[COS] “Truth from falsehood” — Callo Merlose / Vagrant Story



I… really like Vagrant Story.

It is possibly my favourite video game. It is possibly a story that has pushed and pulled me for over a decade. It is possibly a large part of the person I am today, of the friends I have, of the things I love. The history I have with Yasumi Matsuno’s Ivalice is long and full of (assless battleshorts) (backstabbing for the greater good) (a kingdom worthy of you) some of my fondest memories.








My friend Andrea is so amazing, she is simply fantastic, and we plan every single year to wear these together, one way or another, IVALICE OR BUST!! and it’s been a bust so many times. We had a great year at Yazz Con, we speak of it so fondly, and it was high time the band got back together again.

(She was the Agrias to my Ovelia, that year, a long long time ago. We love Ivalice. We love Ivalice a lot.)

Callo Merlose: Lin (me)
Sydney Losstarot: Andrea
Photographer: Lionel

Am I going to cosplay all the ladies from this game and possibly some of the boys? All signs point to yes.