[COS] Totally a SHIELD Agent – Skye

This is totally a real badge with my picture on it

Costumes just call to you sometimes and this one definitely did the minute I saw ‘The Magical Place’ episode of Agents of SHIELD.  In the episode, Skye ends up pretending to be Melinda may to get what she needs for a mission.  (May even approves of her choice in jacket.)  I’d always intended to costume as Skye because I not only love her character but was thrilled to finally costume as someone in the MCU with a racial makeup like my own.  And then when I found the (almost) screen accurate jacket… yeah it was meant to be.


I got to wear this around MAGFest and Katsucon this year and had a blast especially when people either a) got that I was Skye or b) asked if I was Agent May since, y’know, that was sort of the point.  Thank you to my friend Aaron for letting me borrow his Winter Soldier BFG for a few pictures that were a bit more Season 2 inspired.

I’ve said it before (as recently as Tuesday) but I’m happy to say it again: Skye is so important to me as a biracial woman who rarely gets to see herself represented in television let alone in the MCU.  It’s still kinda amazing to me that there’s finally an MCU character that I can cosplay as and not worry about someone saying that I shouldn’t because I don’t look enough like her.  And again, this was a costume where I got to be Skye being May.  Perfect.  So yeah.  Chloe Bennet and Ming-Na Wen?  Keep being awesome in Agents of SHIELD.  You’re both so inspiring and rad as hell.

Skye: Bria
Photography by Zhobot and Rich and Strange Photography

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