Katsucon 2015: Cosplay Schedule

Katsucon is this coming weekend and we uhhh… have totally finished all of our costumes and are 100% ready to go.  (That’ll come true if we think it hard enough, right?)  Check out our respective cosplay line ups below and be sure to say hi if you see us there!






We pick up our buddy Anna to have a Three-In-One set of the Stepford Cuckoos!

Morning: Bria starts the day with some fantasy lit while Lin goes right for sports anime hell
Afternoon: Lin serves up some early Valentine’s Day maid style and Bria goes undercover
Evening: it’ll always be after midnight in Shadow Lin’s heart

Morning: it’s some personal faves from the both of us!!
Afternoon: we don some wings of our own making
Evening: joining our Persona 4 group for the Midnight Hour

We step out in DC style with our other Gotham Academy students!