[COS] Project: Welcome to the Junkyard

It’s a week to Katsucon. So where am I? I’m here. I’m getting there. It’s a hard slog but I’m still game for the last days leading up. Afterall, I’ve been writing love letters to this particular video game for about a decade and if I don’t keep this cosplay promise to myself I’ll regret pretty hard and fast.

Digital Devil Saga is the dream.

(It’s the post-apocalyptic cannibal demon nightmare, actually, but who’s keeping track. )




And why just stop at being mystery girl of the Embryon tribe when you can go blood guts and glorious demon form? This is the nature of my friendships: “You like Digital Devil Saga, right? Because I want to make that monster blade arm. Let me make you a monster blade arm.” My friends are wonderful and I love them.




(Lionel, you’re the very best. Sparklehearts.)

And now some scenes from my own workshop: wig styling, THESE (DELETED EXPLETIVE) JACKETS!!!!, so many dangly bits that need to be painted. What do I even call those, they’re like clothes garters keeping the uniform together. At least one of them is already facing the wrong direction, but I’m trying.