[INSPO] What Would Imperial Coruscant Wear?

It’s a new year so I’m resolving to get back to asking just would different characters wear if they could wear our high fashion looks?  A little while back, one of our readers suggested that we take a look at what Imperial citizens living on Coruscant during the height of the Emperor’s reign might wear.  While one of our very first WWXW posts looked at the Imperials, this was a different slant and a challenge I was definitely willing to take especially since there have been tons of new collections to pull from since.

The upper levels of Coruscant were definitely populated by those with money and as for those sections that weren’t? They probably weren’t paying too much attention to galactic fashion anyways.  Silhouettes got slimmer and everything would have taken on a generally darker and more drab look that would match the Emperor and the military’s uniforms.  If colors were introduced, they’d be dark purples and deep reds and occasionally navy.  There would be lots of high necklines and more military style cuts.  This was definitely not the Coruscant of the Republic.  It’s important to note though that darker colors don’t automatically mean for a boring fashion scene.  The designers would have simply.. adapted.

We’ll start with this all black look by Zuhair Murad.

Imperial Zuhair Murad PreFall2015 Look16

High necked jackets would be aplenty like these by Alexander McQueen and Just Cavalli.

Imperial Alexander McQueen PreFall2015 Look9 Imperial Just Cavalli PreFall2015 Look15

Dresses would have some subtle drama to them in the form of capes like this Zac Posen.

Imperial Zac Posen PreFall2015 Look16

Prints would be more subtle but still kept to the black-white-grey family like in these 3.1 Phillip Lim and Alexander McQueen looks.

Imperial 3.1 Phillip Lim PreFall2015 Look4 Imperial Alexander McQueen PreFall2015 Look1

There are always exceptions to the rule.  I strongly suspect that even the Imperial youth would want to rebel in their own ways even if it’s most subtle.  They might go for a jumpsuit like this one by Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel or something with a little more edge like this Alexander Wang top.

Imperial Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel PreFall2015 Look8 Imperial Alexander Wang PreFall2015 Look13

And of course, as is tradition around here, we’ll finish off this post with some gorgeous long dresses.  While darker colors would definitely be key, I could definitely see these dresses by Giorgio Armani and Alexander McQueen being found amongst the rich and well dressed.

Imperial Giorgio Armani PreFall2015 Look10 Imperial Alexander McQueen PreFall2015 Look18