[COS] The X-Men Take Dragon*Con 2014


The X-Men will always have our hearts, so when we were tapped for the Giant 90s X-Men Photoshoot at DragonCon this year, it wasn’t hard to say yes — especially since we were asked to be Jubilee and Dani Moonstar.  (Just ask us sometime about how we feel about the next gens of X-Men.)


As always, the shoot was definitely a commitment and involved several long hours under the hot sun but we had a blast!  There’s nothing quite like getting to be a part of something like this.  Every single one of these cosplayers totally brought their A-Game to the shoot and it shows.  We’re glad to have been part of it!


Mirage and Jubilee


Dani Moonstar / Mirage: Bria  (suit made by Leman Yuen)
Jubilation Lee / Jubilee: Lin
Individual photography credits are on each picture, but thank you to Pat Loika, Mark Shafer, and BeatDownBoogie for these!


NMdani1 beatdownboogie

Dani x Sam cos_bria_2014_dani4_markshafer
Selfie time... New Mutants style!

Selfie time… New Mutants style!

New Mutants a la Phil Noto