[WAYW] We Are Brave Your Highness – Padmé Amidala


I’m a fangirl of the Royal Naboo Handmaidens right to my very core and I have been ever since I first saw The Phantom Menace.  I accidentally wore this outfit to work one day (with a variation in shoes, I think), looked in the mirror and went ‘Oh this makes me think of the Battlemaiden outfits.)  Actually, one of the things that I really love about this outfit is that I’ve changed the bottom half up almost every time I’ve worn it with different combinations of jeans, black pumps, and even a skirt.  Really, it’s mostly about the blazer and the necklace.  And the hair.

Wine Blazer: BCBG
Black Shirt: TopShop
Statement Necklace: BaubleBar
Black Pants: Seven7
Boots: Cole Haan

I’m also rocking the hairstyle that Padmé and the other handmaidens had which you can find our tutorial here!

(Also no.  I do not know what was going on with my eyebrow in these pictures.  This usually only happens when I’m in costume.  THE EYEBROW CANNOT BE CONTROLLED.)