[COS] Valkyrie of Valhalla – Dani Moonstar Round II


Like I’ve said before, Dani Moonstar is one of my favorite Marvel characters and oh man was I excited to get to cosplay her at Dragon*Con this year!  When I was doing my research into her Valkyrie looks, I noticed that she rarely wore the same version of the costume more than a few times.  This was good because a) it gave me more artistic freedom with the different elements and b) it meant there was an easy way to cope with different climates.  I could wear the leotard version for hot-as-heck summer cons or the full bodysuit version on colder days.

This worked out pretty well about a month ago when I went with some friends to local park to do some photoshoots.  When my original costume plan fell through a few days before, this seemed like a great option.  We all had a great time despite getting some weird looks from other park-goers and I had a ton of fun working with Jeremy.


Dani Moonstar (Valkyrie Variant): Bria
Photography by Jeremy Zeigler

(And yes, if anyone was wondering, my hair/braids are significantly shorter than they were in the previous pictures.  My much needed hair cut was poorly timed.)


cos_bria_2014_danival_02 cos_bria_2014_danival_06