[DIY] Closet Cosplay: X-23

X-23 #1

Laura Kinney’s had our hearts for years now (we’ll never stop loving NYX or the New Mutants) and the Death of Wolverine has brought her back to the front of our minds again.  The convention season may have wrapped up for a bit but it’s never too early to start thinking about costume plans for next year or even to put a few ideas in the back of your head for the costume that you totally weren’t going to do for this con but OH WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT TO PULL TOGETHER A COSTUME IN THREE DAYS?

Tank Top

You’ve definitely got a few options here as Laura’s changed her look over the years with different variations so don’t feel too locked in if you can’t find something that matches the artwork exactly.

x23 tops

Cropped + Black Tank + Striped Tank


Leather-esque pants or leggings are your best bet here and thankfully, those are getting easier to find in stores.  If you’re not quite as comfortable with the tight and leather, black cargo pants are also a good option!

x23 pants

Cargo Pants + Calvin Klein Leather Pants + H&M Leather Pants


Combat boots combat boots combat boots!  (Come on, this was an obvious one!

x23 boots

Option 1 + Option 2 + Option 3

Miscellaneous Items

Now you just need to find a few more things to finish the look.  You’ll need a longish black wig if your hair doesn’t already work, black fingerless gloves, and a metallic circle belt.  (If you’re feeling crafty, the belt is likely something you could make yourself and you could work in an X logo somewhere.)

x23 misc

Gloves + Belt + Wig

You’re on your own for the claws though.  Those you can’t really find in your closet.