[COS] “Out Of Knowhere” — Guardians of the Galaxy



Another year, another jam with the space babes of my heart. It’s almost tradition now to hang out in our Guardians of the Galaxy gear while throwing back drinks and just kickin’ it super chill. Bonus hanging out at the James Gunn signing? I guess that’s pretty awesome, too.

As always, a huge thanks to Judy Stephens of Marvel.com for taking the time to grab some shots with us. <3

Quasar / Phyla-Vell: Lin (me)
Moondragon: Natalie
Gamora: Soni Aralynn
Nova: Matt
Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Bug, Groot, Mantis,
Adam Warlock, Ronan: Kleber & Friends

Photographer: Judy Stephens