[WAYW] Look At The Colors – Sabine Wren – Star Wars Rebels Week



There are so many things that I love about Sabine Wren and while I already wrote about what a character like her means to me over at Tosche Station, I couldn’t resist putting together an outfit that was inspired by her.  I wanted something that was comfortable and casual but still had a bit of kick to it along with a pop or two of color.  (Every time I wear these tights from now on, I’ll feel like her just a little.)




Rebels Snapback: Available at Target
Purple Tank: Express
Grey 3/4 Sweatshirt: DKNY
Black Shorts: Express
RaspberryTights: Calvin Klein
Combat Boots: Macys
Earrings: Express

Thank you also to the wonderful Heather of Zhobot for taking the pictures for me and thank you also to Disney for being kind enough to provide us with the Rebels hat!




I love that not only can you see what the back of the hat looks like in this picture but that Heather managed to get a shot with my Mandalorian nail art!  It was something I experimented earlier in the week when I was taking a stress relief break from work.  If there’s any interest, I can put together a tutorial for another post.  It’s fairly easy to do if you’re using your dominant hand, even if you’re not artistically inclined!


wayw_bria_swh03 wayw_bria_swh06


We’re ridiculously pumped for new Star Wars on our screen so come spark a rebellion with us as we kick it Star Wars Rebels style all week long leading up to the official show premiere on Friday!