[WAYW] Space Cowboy Jedi Guy – Kanan Jarrus – Star Wars Rebels Week


Kanan is that character who I totally expected to just shrug off as being ‘oh great, another male lead in Star Wars with a lightsaber’ and who I totally fell in love with by the end of Star Wars: A New Dawn.  And once I realized that I owned a green turtleneck sweater… yeah, this kinda had to happen.  Sorry not sorry.

I’m only sorry that my ponytail couldn’t achieve the sweet slicked back style of his.

Green Sweater: Express
Grey Skirt: Zara
Black Belts: Nordstrom
Lace Up Boots: Naturalizer
Earrings/Bracelet: Nine West

I even love Kanan so much that I’m putting up this ridiculous face.



We’re ridiculously pumped for new Star Wars on our screen so come spark a rebellion with us as we kick it Star Wars Rebels style all week long leading up to the official show premiere on Friday!