[WAYW] “I Love Marvel” — Super Hero September



It’s Marvel Super Hero September and we’re totally psyched to kick it off with style!  And how better to do so than with a sweet late summer outfit and some pretty rad stuff that Disney was cool enough to send over.

But first: go ahead and cue yourself up the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, which should probably be playing already because ~reasons~






I <3 Marvel Shirt: Disney Store
Red Skirt: H&M
Belt: Nordstrom
Black Heels: Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses: Coach

I do want to make a point about this shirt:  Disney sent us an XL, which we had to alter a bit to fit, but I was incredibly impressed with the cut of the shirt.  I frequently hear that plus sized ladies have a hard time finding tops that don’t have an incredibly junior cut to them.  This shirt looked like a true XL and I honestly think that it’s really great that Disney and Marvel are starting to pay more attention, and aren’t just using the same old shirt sizes and cuts that aren’t really working for all of their fans.




I’m also a HUGE fan of this Spider-Man phone case.  It’s cute and the mirror for the eye part of his mask is just fantastic! The only reason my friend didn’t try and steal it right from this shoot is because she has a different phone model…

…. oh, and have a double selfie with these awesome masks they sent us because we’re super dorks who couldn’t help ourselves.  Did we take about a million of which most were three times as ridiculous as these? Maybe.






Disclaimer: Certain items featured in this post were provided to us by Disney to help promote their Marvel Super Hero September campaign.  We did not receive any sort of monetary compensation for this post, nor will we ever feature products or companies that we do not support.