Dragon Con 2014: Cosplay and Panel Schedule

It’s that time of year again! On Thursday, your esteemed editors will descend upon Atlanta for Dragon Con weekend — one of our favourite conventions, we’re ready to bring our cosplay best and party hard with all our beloved nerds! We’ll also be going on a bit of a hiatus until after the convention, but follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates during this time.

Bria will also be on four Star Wars panels over the weekend, so you’ll find her panel times and topics along with our cosplay schedules!






Early Morning: aiming for the Geek Girls Run at 8:30AM, i.e. Bria will run and Lin will show up with Starbucks in hand
Morning: Bria and Lin will be joining our buddies as 90’s style Dani Moonstar and Jubilee for the big X-Men photoshoot!
Afternoon: we go cosmic with Lin reprising Quasar again, and Bria changing into Marasiah Fel for her panels
Evening: we’re gonna rep some Captain Marvel colours at the Carol Corps Meet-Up!

Star Wars Track room (Marriott A706):
1PM: “Farewell to Clone Wars & Hello Rebels”
4PM: “All the Single Ladies/Women and Star Wars”
7PM: “An Introduction to Star Wars Costuming”

Morning: Bria is gonna kick it up in a Kris Anka styled Psylocke
Afternoon: neither Bria or Lin can escape their space destinies — Bria in Mara Jade and Lin back in Quasar
Evening: Lin as Medusa joins her space fam with Black Bolt and Crystal, and you can find Bria at her final panel!

Star Wars Track room (Marriott A706)
7PM: “Star Wars: Advanced Costuming”

Morning: it’s Star Wars again for Bria in a new Winter Celchu costume
Afternoon: we’re headed to the giant Marvel Universe photoshoot in variants of our fave New Mutants, Dani Moonstar and Magik
Evening: our very favourite and best SHIELD party take no prisoners — Agent Hill and Agent Chang reporting for duty!

Please note that while we will be attending a number of photoshoots, they by no means dictate all of our free time; they’re included to show where our cosplay schedule is anchored. We will definitely be doing convention panels and other activities, including some very serious partying with our amazing SCF buddies!