[INSPO] Carol Corps @Dragon Con 2014

We’re counting down the days until nerd party weekend and getting ready to go all out…!! Two super hype events on our list are the Carol Corps gathering with Kelly Sue DeConnick and the Friday morning walk/run for those Into That Kind Of Thing (1), so we’re hoping to see all you cute nerds there and take like a billion selfies. I mean, what’s a Captain Marvel shindig if not an excuse to rep the colours?

So get in, we’re gonna last minute shop this thing like I don’t already have a closet full of stars. (2)




Star Necklace  +  “Higher Further Faster More” Tee  +  Colourblock Cardi

Pleated Midi Skirt  +  Ralph Lauren Sweater  +  Colourblock Mini Dress

Canon Wedge Bootie  +   Seat Buckle Belt  +    “Carol Corps” Tee


As always, a shoutout to Kelly Sue’s curated collection on We Love Fine for tees — we’re forever and a day in love with the logo tees and “Higher Further Faster More” because we’re happy to wear our superhero on our sleeves while showing what support we can.



1. IT MIGHT JUST BE BRIA. Lin will maybe stagger in near the finish to cheer her on. Possibly even 15 minutes late with Starbucks in hand. Don’t worry, Bria, I’ll have one for you, too.

[Bria’s Note: I’ll take a skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot, thanks.]

[Lin’s Note: oh my god, Bria.]

[Bria’s Note: Hey at least you can say my order in one breath!]

2. Not sure how to slap a star on it? For those sewing at home, it’s an easy do-it-yourself or just print out the stencil and a bit of gold paint will set you right. Seriously, just gold paint it if you can. It’s so easy.