[EIW] The Legendary Star-Lord #1 Review

We don’t do comic reviews very often around here at White Hot Room.  In fact, it’s been a year since I last wrote one for here.  But every now and then, we just can’t help ourselves and have to hype a book for you guys.  If you’re anything like us, then you’re anxiously counting down the days until Guardians of the Galaxy comes out.  Good thing that The Legendary Star-Lord #1 by Sam Humphries with art by Paco Medina hits comic stores today.

It’s Peter Quill on his own with the rest of the Guardians… uhhh… elsewhere.  But hey!  That doesn’t mean things are every boring for the Legendary Star-Lord as he fights the Badoon to help save an orphanage and even manages to fit in some flirting with a certain intangibly powered lady of the X-men persuasion.

There’s a lot to love about this book.  For starters, Paco Medina is on art.  I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since his work on New X-men and if anything, he’s gotten even better while still maintaining all the stylistic elements that made it great almost a decade ago.  Seeing a nice and diverse looking cast is definitely another bonus.

And then we have the writing.  Sam Humphries has a real talent for bringing humor to a situation without taking anything away from how serious it might be.  He has the same talent for bringing real distinct personality to the characters without forcing it.  Peter Quill is definitely a good choice for a solo book with this creative team.  Humphries also does a really good job in this issue with how he plays with tropes and expectations and then turns them on their side to keep you wondering what might happen next.  All of this makes for a really enjoyable read that’s well worth the price of admission (so to speak).  I’m excited to see where Humphries is planning to take this plotline especially given what happens on the very last page. *wink wink*

The Legendary Star-Lord #1 gets an endorsement from White Hot Room along with our recommendation that you go pick up a copy.