Another License for Her Universe

Her Universe: It’s like the fangirl gift that just keeps on giving.

We’ve known for a while that Ashley Eckstein has had a few new projects up her sleeve.  Last week, we were officially clued in on the addition of Marvel Comics to the list of licenses that Her Universe can make clothes for.  Now, we hear that they’ll be rolling out another announcement tomorrow June 26th that’ll positively transform their selection of style.  I can’t even pretend to apologize for  all the puns in that last sentence.

Mind you, it’s not OFFICIALLY confirmed quite yet but with the official Her Universe Instagram posting this teaser of what looks to be an Optimus Prime dress and with Hot Topic already having the below Bumblebee dress for sale, we’re pretty confident in saying that Her Universe has the license for Transformers.


So what say you, fellow fangirls?  Are you excited for this latest addition to the Her Universe line?  And what licenses would you like to see them acquire next?