[WAYW] Stars and Stripes – Her Universe’s Captain America Shirt



We first heard the rumors weeks ago… Think Geek had a Captain America shirt modeled by Ashley Eckstein for sale on their site.  But that… that couldn’t be true, right?  We hadn’t heard anything about a license announcement.  And then Hot Topic put up a Captain America hooded tank top labeled as a Her Universe item on their site.  The stars did seem as if they were starting to align… And then yesterday happened.

Let me start off by saying how incredibly PSYCHED I am that Her Universe got this license!  I’m incredibly excited to see what other designs they come out with.  This Captain America shirt has grown on me so much since its initial soft release.  Not only is is incredibly soft and comfortable but the cut is super cute for a casual sporty shirt.  It’s not a top that can really be dressed up but that’s 100% okay with me!




Captain America Shirt: Her Universe
Denim Skirt: Calvin Klein
Cap Earrings: Etsy
Silver Sandals: Kenneth Cole

Bria’s wearing a size medium in this shirt for a looser fit.