[COS] The Emperor’s Hand – Mara Jade



One of the things that I love about costuming is that it can very much be a continuing process if you let it.  It’s an art where you can always go back and make improvements as you learn and level up your skills.  This started as upgrades to my original Mara Jade costume from Dragon*Con 2012 but… let’s be honest: that version was bad and showed off my complete and utter lack of understanding of armor and not much is the same except for the catsuit, the belt pouches, and the boots.  I’d been wanting to make another Mara costume since I’d done a casual one for Katsucon the previous year and once I heard that Timothy Zahn, Mara’s creator, would be at Awesome Con this year, it seemed a no brainer.

This was my first time working with Wonderflex and while it was definitely a learning experience for me and there are things I’d do different next time, I’m pretty happy with how the top pieces turned out.  I used the armor worn by Obi-Wan and Anakin in The Clone Wars as inspiration here since it’s one of those aspects of the Republic I could see being carried over to the Emperor’s personal agent.  It offers protections but doesn’t hinder movement.  The same goes for the shoulder guards.  The trickiest part of those actually might have been painting the Imperial Crest on the left one since that’s not easy to make a stencil of.  I also made the bracers but purchased the shin/knee guards.  Basically what I wanted to keep in mind for this costume was that it needed to be functional for Mara as the Emperor’s Hand.

Sadly, the one thing that didn’t work quite as planned was the belt which I had to strip down to its simplest form but I’m going to try and fix it up when I have the time.




As she so often does, thank you to Heather of Zhobot for the photography!  She’s one of my favorite photographers to work with of all time.




Seriously though.  I’m beyond thrilled with how this costume turned out and I think that it just might make another appearance at Dragon Con…



Possibly one of the best parts of the convention for me was getting to talk to Timothy Zahn and getting his approval of my Mara costume.  (He thought the light armor version was great and very practical!)  What I particularly loved was when he requested the below pose: If you heckle Zahn from the audience, he sends Mara Jade after you.  (A person or two dubbed me the Hand of Zahn after this.)


Picture by the Museum of Sci-Fi

Picture by the Museum of Sci-Fi

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