[COS] Saving the Galaxy’s Just Destiny – Jaina Solo



Sometimes, it surprises me that it took me so long to do a costume of one of the two characters I wanted to be or to be best friends with as a kid.  For some reason, it just never called to me.  But when some of my usual partners in crime asked me to make a Jedi Robes version of Jaina Solo for a Young Jedi Knights group, I couldn’t say no!  Of course, me being me, I looked at the picture in the ERC of the kids in their Jedi robes, noted that Jaina’s were way too similar to her ones in the ECG and decided to throw my own spin on them!  (Okay fine. You caught me.  I just really liked the leather-like fabric I found in Jo Ann’s.)




Thanks to Zhobot for taking these pictures for me at Awesome Con 2014!  I’m super looking forward to getting some YJK pictures with them as Tenel Ka and Jacen soon!   (Especially now that I’ve gotten a chance wear the costume around and know what changes I want to make.)



cos_2014_bria_jaina05 cos_2014_bria_jaina01