[COS] Snarky Attitude and All – Marasiah Fel – Star Wars



This is a costume that’s been in the plans since late 2012, got postponed when one of the Legacy creators cancelled from attending the convention I planned this for, was mostly sewn over the summer because I was bored, and then finally got its big day at Katsucon 2014!  When I first read the original volume of Star Wars: Legacy, I immediately fell in love with Princess Marasiah Fel.  I loved everything about her but most especially her attitude.  This comic is definitely on my list of ones to reread this year!

Seriously: getting to be super distant space cousins with Nic as Ania Solo was tons of fun!  Both Legacy series don’t get nearly enough love and it was awesome every time someone recognized who either I or both of us were.


Distant Space Cousins


One of the things that made Katsucon 2014 so special was the impromptu Star Wars gathering that happened on Saturday afternoon.  On Friday, the Zhobot duo and I met the fabulous Jaina and Jag cosplayers below and needless to say, we got really excited.  Us being us, we told them about our Expanded Universe plans for the following afternoon and they agreed to meet up for a mini shoot.  When the lightsabers turned on though, it was like a batsignal for every other Star Wars costumer in the building and our minishoot doubled in size within minutes.  Honestly, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.


The Great Star Wars Gathering of Katsucon 2014


Marasiah Fel: Bria
Ania Solo: Nic
Tenel Ka Djo: Heather of Zhobot
Jacen Solo: Nate of Zhobot
Jaina Solo and Jag Fel: ChubbybirdiesCosplay

Thank you to Zhobot for the photography!




We did, however, get a big kick out of taking “family portraits” with family members both near and distant.


Fel Family Portrait


A Fel and a Solo walk into a bar...

A Fel and a Solo walk into a bar…


Imperial Knight AND Princess cos_bria_2014_fel02