[WAYW] Captain America Week: The Longest Winter III — Black Widow



With a long winter, third time’s the charm. Another play from her vintage past, but we’re getting more modern by the minute — this is Black Widow keeping a superheroic black sleekness on her cityscape sleeve.

Hooded Black Matte Bodysuit: Black Milk Clothing
Velvet Pencil Skirt: American Apparel
Black Widow Buckle; Belt: DIY, Forever 21
Gold Bracers: Forever 21
Gun Print Nylons: Ebay
Ankle Boots: Storets

Welcome to my ever evolving Black Widow / Winter Soldier outfit.

This again:


[WAYW] Lin – Black Widow 03


Welcome to us joyously counting down the days until Captain America: The Winter Soldier lands in theatres for real and for sure. We’ll be saluting the various leads for Captain America Week, so kick back, relax, and get your stars&stripes ready because we’re leaving no man behind.