[COS] Time For A Super Homie Upgrade – Asha Odekar – Saints Row IV



It’s hard to really put into words how much I love this game.  It’s also hard to put into words how insane we were to tackle the Super Homie costumes they got along with their super powers in the simulation.  But oh man was it worth it!

This was my first time working with stretch vinyl and I’m still figuring out how to make craft foam do my biding.  But bedazzling that thing.  I had that covered.

Heather and I had a ton of fun wearing these costumes together especially when we pretended to call up super powers like fireballs.

I’m looking forward to making a few improvements to this costume and hopefully wearing it again to Dragon*Con this year!




Asha Odekar: Bria
Kinzie Kensington: Heather of Zhobot
Photography by Zhobot




cos_bria_2014_SHasha03 cos_bria_2014_SHasha01




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