[COS] Interstellar Flight — Ranka Lee / Macross Frontier



Macross Frontier is the series that completes me.

I still have so many feelings about this show that I can’t articulate so I’ll just funnel them all into elaborate stage concert combat outfits ha ha ha and here we are. This particular orange number is from the Macross F Music Clip Collection and continues the dubious tradition of a new outfit for every Katsucon — afterall, the upcoming blue-ray release has only added to the potential lineup, and we’re happy to oblige.

To my dismay, running out of time means it’s not quite as polished as it should be, but that just means a little bit more time and my Sheryl Nome and I can debut these properly!!

Ranka Lee: Lin (me)
Photographer: Kaze Photography / Lionel Lum
Location: Katsucon 2014










Want more Macross Frontier cosplay? We sent off Alto Saotome into battle for one last time in Sheryl and Ranka’s Sayonara no Tsubasa finale stage combat outfits at last year’s Katsucon!