[COS] By Your Side — Jun Kurosu / Persona 2


Persona 2 makes me want to lie down and cry, which means it’s probably on my cosplay bucket list of 90’s golden era PSX JRPGs and I like it a whole lot.

Heather and I have been talking about a Persona 2 group since the dawn of video game time, and we were gonna make it happen or die trying. I love these stupid games so much, and it killed me that I haven’t been able to pull it off yet because I spent the last billion years of my life trying to (unsuccesfully) do Eikichi Mishima’s dumb wig instead. So when she mentioned that a few of her buddies were getting a group together for Katsucon, I whispered hell yea to the heavens and ironed creases into my pretty boy antagonist bestie pants and switched to Jun Kurosu.

Needless to say, a huge heartshaped thank you to all my cosplay buddies who welcomed me into this group  — it means a lot to me that this finally happened, and I only wish we could have had more time on The Other Side together!!

Lisa Silverman: Sew Crunk Cosplay
Tatsuya Suou: Sew Crunk Cosplay
Maya Amano: Ukraine Kraine
Jun Kurosu: Lin (me)
Baofu: Rin
Ulala Serizawa: Leesers
Eriko Kirishima: Heather
Kei Nanjo: Nate

Photography by: Felix Wong