[INSPO] Accessorize Like A SHIELD Agent

In case you didn’t know, your esteemed editors work for SHIELD in their spare time (and every year at Dragon*Con) so it only makes sense that we’d come to this eventually.  Every SHIELD Agent knows that the key to surviving a briefing by Nick Fury is to accessorize appropriately.  Harness, aviators, and eagles everywhere are absolutely standard issue.

If you’re looking to get the SHIELD feel by color alone then just remember that the combination of either black and white or navy and white is golden.

And the aviators.  Don’t forget the aviators.


White BCBG Harness + Aviators + Boots
Eagle Necklace + WeLoveFine’s SHIELD Shirt + Eagle Earrings
Michael Kors Crossbody + iPad SHIELD Case + Hugo Boss Purse