[COS] The Saints Versus The Galaxy – Asha Odekar



Katsucon?  Time to spacesuit up like only the Saints can and boy were these the perfect costumes for the weather.




Me and the fine folks of Sew&Bro/Zhobot have been pretty obsessed with Saints Row IV since its release back in August and it was really only a matter of time before we decided to make another set of costumes for the characters.  I loved Asha Odekar in the game so freaking much that I just want to do all of her costumes now.

These costumes came together over the course of a few marathon patterning and sewing sessions and everyone pitched in to help.  I’ll admit though: there’s a chance that I might’ve been a bit in character those days and pushed us pretty hard to get the patches done. Don’t ever ask about the crotch patches. Never.  At the end of the day though, we were all thrilled with how the suits came out and felt pretty darn badass wearing them around the Gaylord!




Boss: Roger
Johnny Gat: Denis
Kinzie Kensington: Heather
Matt Miller: Nate
Asha Odekar: Bria
Photography by Zhobot


"A familial connection? You mean, like sisters?"

“A familial connection? You mean, like sisters?”  “The Boss says I’m not really allowed to say that word anymore.” 


Brits do it better

Brits do it better


cos_bria_2014_ssasha07 cos_bria_2014_ssasha05

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