Katsucon 2014: Cosplay Schedule

We’re in the last days leading up to Katsucon, an anime convention in National Harbor, MD (February 14-16), and we’re totally hyped about the costumes we have planned this year. We’ll be bringing the following with us, so if you see us, feel free to come up and say hello!






Morning: We meet up with our Game of Thrones buddies as two of the sisters from House Martell
Afternoon: Going our separate video game ways with Persona 2 and Dance Central
Evening: Bria joins her Saints Row group; Lin gets into the giant robot!! i.e. lifesize Eva cockpit funtimes

Morning: Lin and her Sheryl Nome will be doing the Nyan x 2 Music Clip outfits; Bria is back with another Saints Row outfit
Afternoon: Bria pairs up with her Ania Solo for some Legacy shenanigans along with some other Star Wars folks
Evening: We’ll both be joining our Persona 4 group for the Midnight Hour!