[DIY] Closet Cosplay: Kamala Khan / Ms Marvel

Happy Kamala Day!  Today marks the launch of Ms. Marvel #1 by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona.  The book, in case you hadn’t heard, stars Kamala Khan, a young Pakistani girl who can shape shift and who also happens to idolize Carol Danvers.




The good news is that it’s pretty easy to stealth or closet cosplay as the newest Ms. Marvel.  It definitely helps that she’s a fangirl just like us!  Best part is that this is all comprised of things you likely already have in your closet or that you can acquire easily.

Step 1 is the shirt!  WeLoveFine has specially made one for sale but if you need one fast or if you’re a bit pinched for cash, it’s simple enough to make one.  Just get a plain black t-shirt from somewhere like Old Navy or Forever 21 and put the lightning bolt shape on there yourself with something like fabric paint or an iron on transfer or even an appliqué if you’re feeling bold.

Step 2 is the bottoms!   The easiest suggestion would be a pair of jeans.  If you want to invoke Jamie McKelvie’s design a bit more, I suggest either a dark blue denim skirt or shorts with either red leggings or tights underneath.

Step 3 is shoes.  Short boots are totally the name of the game here.




Step 4 is possibly the most important step: the scarf!   Kamala is sporting a totally gorgeous red/purple/orange mosaic patterned scarf on the cover of Ms. Marvel #1 and has a thin red one as a part of her superhero costume.  Either type definitely works here!  Remember this is about stealth and closet cosplay, not necessarily page accuracy.

Step 5 is accessorize!  With something like this FREAKING PERFECT MARVEL RING.  (It was too perfect not to share with you all!)

And that’s it!  Now get on out there in Kamala Korps style, and be sure to swing by either your local comic store or a digital retailer  today to snag Ms. Marvel #1 for yourself!