[INSPO] UXF Week: What Would Cluster Wear?

Uncanny X-Force week continues as we ask ourselves one of our favorite questions: What Would Cluster Wear?  The colour palette here was obvious and simple: white and black.  And, for the first time on White Hot Room, there’s also a limited number of designers involved: Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung, Oscar de la Renta, and Chanel (because there must be at least one French designer involved, no?)

We’ll start off with this look by Proenza Schouler.

Cluster Proenza Schouler FallRTW2013 Look17

Chanel seems to have this outerwear category locked up.

Cluster Chanel FallRTW2013 Look4 Cluster Chanel FallRTW2013 Look42

Can you say ‘date night with Betsy’ to this Proenza Schouler?

Cluster ProenzaSchouler FallRTW2013 Look35

This Oscar de la Renta has an easy sort of elegance to it that seems good for… uhh… date brunch.

Cluster Oscar de la Renta FallRTW2013 Look18

Of course, a girl does have to work some times.  Top shelf champagne doesn’t steal itself.

Cluster Proenza Schouler FallRTW2013 Look14 Cluster ProenzaSchouler FallRTW2013 Look1

Work work work

Cluster Proenza Schouler FallRTW2013 Look13

There’s something about this Prabal Gurung that definitely read Fantomex and Cluster.

Cluster Prabal Gurung PreFall2014 Look22

If we want to get incredibly particular here, the black accents on white of this Chanel are probably the closest match for Cluster’s outfit.

Cluster Chanel SpringRTW2014 Look21

There’s also an edge to this Proenza Schouler that just feels right for her.

Cluster Proenza Schouler FallRTW2013 Look22

And, because it’s tradition around here, we’ll finish off with delicately gorgeous dress by Oscar de la Renta.

Cluster Oscar de la Renta PreFall2014 Look22

All pictures taken from Style.com

Because the comic gods have seen fit to rip one of our most beloved books from our grasp, we’re honouring its end in the only way we know how: Welcome to Uncanny X-Force Week.