[WAYW] UXF Week: It Was Your Heart On The Line — Psylocke



Our girl Betsy Braddock, star of this whole comic book bang up show. To get this champagne party started, we tip our snapbacks to Phil Noto’s model art piece — but fashion casting is no longer London 1982, but New York now and model streetstyle is lazy A. Wang post-show inspo and our lady of Soo Joo as reigning queen of frontpage hair.

We’ll never let go of the purple, though. It complements our hot pink power signature bracelet too well.

Joy Division Tank: Etsy
Purple Blazer: Yesstyle
Black Skirt: H&M
Snapback; Chain Bracelet: Forever 21
Boots: Storets




Because the comic gods have seen fit to rip one of our most beloved books from our grasp, we’re honouring its end in the only way we know how: Welcome to Uncanny X-Force Week.